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De Cyber Security Specialist is verantwoordelijk voor de beveiliging van de technologische infrastructuur van een bedrijf
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Cloud & Operations

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Over the past few years, a major digital transformation has taken place. Organisations are migrating their own data centres to the (public) cloud and adopting the DevOps method of working. Cloud and DevOps teams offer expert advice in the field of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, container orchestration and adoption and/or migration to the cloud. We are always on the lookout for IT professionals who specialise in these areas. We can connect you with cloud and operations projects and job opportunities throughout the Netherlands. The consultants at Tergos are here to help you shape your career in the way that best matches your personal ambitions. Here are a few types of jobs that we regularly offer:

  • Cloud engineer

  • System engineer

  • Office365 specialist

  • DevOps engineer

  • Automation engineer

  • Cloud architect

  • Solution architect

Our focus

At Tergos, our consultants specialise in a single area of expertise and a single region, which means they know all about the IT job market. We offer cloud and DevOps job opportunities within our own organisation, as well as at other attractive organisations within our network. Building personal relationships is always a priority to us. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for experienced professionals to join our network. We can also connect you with many job opportunities in other areas of specialisation.

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