DevOps at Nike

AWS DevOps Engineer at Nike in Hilversum via a freelance construction
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DevOps at Nike

Peter Slijkhuis works as an AWS DevOps Engineer at Nike in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He was able to land this project by working through Tergos as a freelancer. ‘My last project was coming to an end. So, I was looking for a new project that would work for me.’

The job

Peter approached Tergos himself because he was interested in a job as a DevOps engineer at a major fashion and sporting goods company. ‘I had a very specific goal. I really wanted to work for Nike. I found out that Tergos was providing freelancers to Nike too. That's because I already knew a few people who were working at Nike. I was really impressed by the stories they told me about the projects they were working on.’ At Nike, Peter is working on the membership platform. ‘Our team receives data and information from all across the organisation. We’re responsible for platform’s infrastructure. We make sure that the other teams can all do their jobs.’

infrastructuur van een membership-platform
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After the job

Even before his project with Nike, Peter had been in contact with Tergos. ‘When I was still working at KPN, I wasn’t looking for a new project. But as soon as I needed Tergos, I immediately felt good about working with them. The communication is quick and honest. Tergos keeps you up to date on how your application process is moving along. I really appreciate that.’ Throughout his project at Nike, Peter says he has been in constant contact with the consultants from Tergos. ‘I still have regular contact with Tergos. We have a quick call once or twice a week. I’ve even referred two candidates to them for other projects, so we are helping each other out a bit. We mostly talk about how the project is going, or if I’m having any problems, but I actually never do.

How we work

  • We listen to the needs of our clients and our professionals. Every IT activity requires a different approach.

  • Our triple-specialised focus helps us carefully select the right IT professionals for the job.

  • After creating the match, we stay closely in contact with our professionals and our clients throughout the course of their project.

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